Alumni Association FAQ

Q: What is the CSU Alumni Association?

A: The CSU alumni Association is composed of CSU graduates that have completed an associates, bachelor or master degree program.

Q: Is it a requirement that you have to have graduated to belong to the alumni association.

A: Yes. You must be a graduate to be considered an alumnus.

Q: What is the purpose of the CSU Alumni Association?

A: The purpose is to provide CSU graduates with the opportunity to network with fellow graduates for the benefit of advancing in your career, forging new friendships and promoting your alma mater, CSU.

Q: What does it cost to belong to the CSU Alumni Association?

A: There is no cost associated with being a member.

Q: How do you become a member of the association?

A: Upon graduation you may apply to become a member by filling out the application on the CSU website under the “Alumni” tab.

Q: I heard that there are going to be chartered chapters of the CSU Alumni Association. What does this mean?

A: The Alumni Chapters will be distinct organizations within the overall CSU Alumni Organization and will be based on their geographical location. By grouping alumni in geographical regions it will provide the opportunity for increased networking and alumni events. For more information, please read the Alumni Association & Chapter Articles.

Q: How will these chapters operate?

A: Each chartered alumni chapter will have three (3) officers, President, Vice-President and Secretary, that will oversee the activities of the chapter.

Q: What is the major benefit of having chapters?

A: It allows CSU alumni the opportunity to not only increase your networking but also provides an opportunity for you to schedule events and govern your own chapter. After you have joined the CSU Alumni Association you will need to notify the Student and Alumni Engagement Department of your desire to join the chapter in your area.

Q: What does it take to become a chartered chapter?

A: Per the Articles of the Alumni Association, each chapter should have a minimum of twenty five (25) members before petitioning the University for a chapter. In addition, the group will have selected their officers for the year.

Q: What is a “Charter”?

A: The Charter is the official document presented by the University that establishes the group as a chapter. This formal document signed by the board of trustees authorizes the formation of the chapter and includes the name of every charter member. The official charter will be displayed at CSU.

Q: Please explain the charter member status in detail and why this is important?

A: Being a charter member is a rare and exciting opportunity. Every alumnus that joins the group PRIOR to being chartered will be considered a “Charter Member”. Their name will be included on the official charter that will be on permanent display at Columbia Southern University.

Q: If I join after the chapter is chartered will I be considered a charter member?

A: No, only those that join prior to the chapter being chartered will considered a charter member. This is a one-time opportunity available for those alumni that take part in starting a new chapter.

Q: Can I join after the chapter has been chartered?

A: Absolutely, in fact that is how we expect our chapters to grow is by constantly recruiting new members.

Q: If I join the CSU Alumni Association do I have to join an alumni chapter?

A: No. It is perfectly acceptable to join the CSU Alumni Association and not join a chapter, however, we think you will enjoy a better experience and have more opportunities for networking if you join a chapter.

Q: Okay, I’m an alumnus and I’m ready to get started. What do I do?

A: First thing is to join the CSU Alumni Association. This is the very first step in becoming involved in the growing association. Also, please note that on your application we ask you several questions regarding how you would like to be involved, please respond to these questions as they are very important. 

Q: I have joined the CSU Alumni Association, now what?

A: If you live in the Southeastern region of the United States near Atlanta you can request to become a member of our first chapter. If you live in another area of the country you will need to wait until we start developing a chapter in your area. 

Q: How long will it be until a chapter is available in my area?

A: This is dependent on several factors and in some cases it may be a year or two before we have a chapter available in your area. Because this is a new program we want to ensure that each chapter operates well and reaches their potential. It is our desire to have as many CSU alumni involved as possible and provide chapters in their area. We appreciate your patience and understanding as move forward.

Q: I’m interested in starting the chapter in my area. Who should I contact?

A: You have several resources available. Your main point of contact will be the CSU Student and Alumni Engagement department. If you have any questions, please contact

If you have any additional questions, please contact