Crosswalks are a way for a prospective student to see potential credit they may have already earned in the Military or through testing (CLEP, DSST, Excelsior) and which CSU courses that credit may transfer towards.

Select the Crosswalk from the list below to learn more about potential credits to be transferred toward CSU courses.

Potential credit may be granted, but will be based upon Rating or MOS, time in service, occupation, individual JST, and ACE evaluated credit. Credit may be determined by the aforementioned criteria and prior post-secondary academic credit. Prior post-secondary credit takes precedence to ACE credit and professional training. Please consult your individual evaluation and Evaluator prior to completing any CLEP or DANTES tests. The maximum allowable transfer credit into an Associate’s Degree is forty-five hours. The maximum allowable transfer credit into a Bachelor’s Degree is ninety hours; thirty-six hours of upper level (3000/4000 level) credit must either be transferred or completed to graduate. Therefore, the amount of credit awarded may vary to ensure the 36 hour upper level requirement is met.