CE 1104: CSP Prep Course

CE 1104 Course Description

This course will assist in preparing students for the Certified Safety Professional® (CSP®) examination offered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). The course itself has only a representation of CSP study questions and the “Study Guide” (workbook provided to student upon successful completion of the course) contains the bulk of the study questions. The questions used in the course represent high probability questions or questions seen regularly but there are hundreds more that can make up your 200 question test. 
Additional self-study (recommended 80+ hours upon completion of course) will be required in order to be fully qualified to pass the CSP examination. Upon completion of this course, one CSP Self Study Workbook will be provided to you as a PDF document via email. Please allow 48 hours for processing after completing the course to receive this email containing the workbook.

Students should work through these problems on their own before attempting the exam, and the course instructor is available for questions students have while working through the additional workbook.

Course Cost- $550
Note: CE courses are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid, Military Tuition Assistance or Learning Partner Discounts.

CEUs Earned Upon Course Completion- 2.7

Course Textbook: NO TEXTBOOK. Everything that students will need to complete the course is built within.

Course Length- This course is a 10 week, self-paced, open enrollment course. Once students complete each assignment in the course with a 70% or higher, they will receive a certificate of completion that will list the 2.7 CEUs earned, as well as a downloadable workbook with additional practice problems to continue your study efforts before testing. Course must be paid for in full before student is eligible to receive certificate of completion and additional digital workbook.

Students can apply for an extension if the course is not completed within the alloted 10 week time frame. If students do not complete all assignments with a 70% or higher within 10 weeks, they will be removed from the course if an extension is not applied for. Students will have unlimited access to the course material for additional studying efforts, as long as they complete all assignments with a 70% or higher in the 10 week period.

Course Learning Outcomes-

  1. Apply advanced science and math processes necessary for the CSP exam utilizing an approved calculator.
  2. Apply CSP management systems content material.
  3. Apply CSP risk management content material.
  4. Apply CSP advanced safety concepts content material.
  5. Apply CSP emergency preparedness, fire prevention, and security content material.
  6. Apply CSP occupational health and ergonomics content material.
  7. Apply CSP environmental management systems content material.
  8. Apply CSP training and education content material.
  9. Apply CSP law and ethics content material.

Prerequisites to take course- Although there are no course prerequisites, we recommend that students have a TI-30XIIS and/or an HP 10bII+ Calculator before beginning course work. Students must also have audio capabilities on their computer.

Prerequisites to take exam-  We recommend visiting www.bcsp.org/csp to review the prerequisites required for students interested in gaining this certification. Additional examination information can also be found on this website.

Additional Course Information: Students will review the presentations provided in each of the 8 units and complete an assessment on the unit content. Students will not be able to move to the next unit until they have successfully passed the previous unit assessment with a 70% or higher to ensure students are grasping concepts. We encourage students to reach out to the instructor if they are struggling with certain concepts.

Our prep course reviews mathematical concepts and safety competencies covered on the CSP exam.  It is HIGHLY recommended that students study an additional 80+ hours after completing the prep course by continuing to run-through material covered in the course & working the practice problems provided in the digital workbook, prior to taking the BCSP Certified Safety Professional exam.

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