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Happy people, happy students. That’s our motto. On any given day, our campus could be brimming with food trucks, yoga classes, sushi rolling lessons or celebrating an entire day dedicated to dressing up as your favorite Star Wars character – because why not? Check out our #IAmCSU staff picks below to see what we mean.

“I love being able to tell someone that they’ve just been accepted to college after years of putting it off.”
- Some Random Guy

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CSU Employees

Academic Advisor, Officer of Student Resolution

CSU Employees

Partner Liason, Corporate Outreach

CSU Employees

Assistant Director, Success Center

“Helping my students realize that they can do anything they set minds to, even if they haven't been to school in decades.”
- Tim, Occupational Safety & Health Professor


“Being able to put a smile on the face of the people I work with every day. That’s always a plus for me.”
- Jerry, University Security

CSU is a team of creative thinkers, doers, teachers and folks who just love changing lives. Sound like you? Check out our available positions.