Tuition Refund

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Refunds are subject to state policies. For information about refund policies in specific states, please see the State Authorization page of the CSU Website.

Students who wish to drop/withdraw (See Official Course Drop/Withdrawal Policy) from a course or withdraw from their program are encouraged to complete the Official Course Drop/Withdrawal Form located in the myCSU Student Portal; however, students may withdraw in any manner by contacting the Office of the Registrar. Any refunds due will be issued within 30 calendar days. All students who drop/withdraw from a course after the drop date (7 calendar days) will be charged a one-time 20 percent Registration Fee (maximum of $200 per degree program). The remaining tuition will be refunded based on the course start date and the tuition percentage amounts listed below. Note: Refunds may be reduced by the cost of the textbook (See Textbook Policy).

In the states of Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, and Mississippi, CSU follows the refund guidelines set forth by their State Boards of Education or equivalents.  The state refund policies apply when students who are residents of these states withdraw, drop, or are administratively dropped from a course or the institution.

Table 1 displays the percentage of tuition returned to the student minus the application and/or registration fee AFTER the listed timeframes.

Table 1 – Percent Return
* Percent return is effective after the timeframe.

Timeframe* Percentage returned to student
1st week 80%
2nd week 60%
3rd week 40%
4th week 20%
5th week 0%

Sample Refund Calculation:

The following tables pertain to the sample refund calculation. Table 2 denotes the institutional charges. Table 3 is a sample refund calculation.

Table 2 – Institutional Charges

CSU Institutional Charge Amount
Tuition (3-credit undergraduate course) $630
One-time Registration Fee – 20% $126


Table 3 - Sample Refund Calculation

Student requests to drop course AFTER the first week, i.e. in Week 2, (and after the 7-day cancellation period from the time of enrollment):

CSU Institutional Charge Eligible Refund
Tuition (3-credit undergraduate course) $630
One-time Registration Fee ($126)
Net Remaining Tuition  $504
Refund Percentage 80%
Eligible Refund $504 * 80% = $403.20

Note: Refunds may be reduced by the cost of the textbook (See Textbook Policy). This also applies to the specific state refund policies outlined on the CSU website.