Everyone comes to CSU for a different reason. Let our CSU students and alumni tell you about their reasons for earning their degrees with us. Chances are, you will find someone who shares your needs and concerns and learn how CSU helped them achieve their dreams.


Student/Alumni Quotes

Chad Carey
Chad Carey - CSU Graduate
"I was searching for a way to further my education within the fire service--whether it was Internet or fire journals--in order to pursue higher positions.  During the search, I came across CSU which met the demand, needs and goals of my busy life."
Anthony Goudi
Anthony Goudia - CSU Graduate
"I chose CSU because the price is excellent... CSU gave me credit for my professional training, the staff on the phone was very kind and excellent to work with, and the program is flexible for my family and working schedule..."
Atalecia Anderson
Atalecia Anderson - CSU Graduate
"The staff is the ultimate reason why I chose CSU for my education. No one would want to go anywhere they do not feel welcomed. I immediately felt welcomed as soon as I enrolled in CSU! Everyone was so nice and kind and it made me want to be here!"