Doctor of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) affords students the opportunity to develop new knowledge by expanding and advancing the professional development of practicing managers and professionals in business.

To achieve the objective of this program, the following learning outcomes have been established:

  1. Students will assess and utilize knowledge of behavioral, policy-based, and strategic issues to optimize organizational effectiveness.
  2. Students will compare and contrast the value of educational experience with practical experience.
  3. Students will compare and assess the (applicability) effectiveness of business theories in enhancing professional competency.
  4. Students will differentiate professional business knowledge from skills that can be applied to enhance an individual’s professional growth.

Doctoral students are required to complete the dissertation that will be approved by and defended before a dissertation committee. The defense may take place at a distance and no degree shall be awarded without majority of committee approval.

The DBA program is offered to students through the Term Learning Option and follows the Term Academic Calendar.

Graduates will successfully complete a minimum of 61 semester hours and dissertation research courses as outlined below.  

  DBA Major Requirements
DBA 7000 - Doctoral Student Orientation    1
DBA 7035 - Business, Government and Society   3
DBA 7180 - Managerial Economics and Business Theory   3
DBA 7240 - Doctoral Writing and Inquiry Into Research   3
DBA 7310 - Statistics for Business Decisions and Research   3
DBA 7420 - Organizational Behavior and Comparative Management    3
DBA 7553 - Human Resource Management    3
DBA 7632 - Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility    3
DBA 8149 - Business Research Methods    3
DBA 8230 - Marketing Research and Competitive Strategy    3
DBA 8341 - Corporate Finance    3
DBA 8475 - Operations and Supply Chain Management    3
DBA 8552 - Management Accounting and Control Systems    3
DBA 8671 - Technology and Innovation Management    3
DBA 8710 - International Business and Global Strategy    3
DBA 8758 - Negotiations and Business Strategy    3
DBA 9101 - Comprehensive Exams    2

*During DBA 9307, Dissertation Research, the student and Committee Chair will collaborate to determine if the student will select a theoretical-based study or a research project-based study.

**Additional Dissertation Research courses may be required to complete all milestones within the program. Dissertation Research courses will continue in sequential order, as needed, beginning with DBA 9311 and so forth until the study is approved for defense.

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