MHR 6451: Human Resource Management Methods


Examines personnel administration for line supervisors and managers, and integrates a systems approach to government regulation of employment, employment laws, conflict resolution, and performance-based personnel management.


  1. Describe the strategic importance of human resource management activities performed in organizations as it relates to the human resources management function.
  2. Evaluate factors impacting the evolution of equal employment opportunity programs.
  3. Discuss the role that culture plays in determining the effective use of human resource management practices in a global organization.
  4. Discuss the development of an effective human resource planning process that identifies major players involved, their functions, and the components of successful implementation such as forecasting, talent management, retention, HRISs, and succession planning.
  5. Evaluate performance evaluation processes and techniques in human resources management.
  6. Differentiate among direct financial compensation, indirect financial compensation, and non-financial rewards in human resource management.
  7. Evaluate training and development methods for various types and levels of organizations.
  8. Discuss the impact of collective bargaining on employee behavior.




Human resource management (Rev: 14th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson Education (2015)
Author: Dessler, G.
ISBN: 978-0-13-354517-3
Price: $237.32

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