MAR 3231: Marketing Research


Introduces the marketing research process. Exploration of the many ways that marketing researchers gather information and utilize technology and the Internet in marketing research. Global marketing research is explored in detail and includes ethical, social, political, and legal implications to research activities.


  1. Define marketing research and identify its primary business functions.
  2. Define and identify basic research designs as applied to research in marketing.
  3. Differentiate among exploratory, descriptive, and casual research designs.
  4. Define measurement and explain its role in conducting marketing research.
  5. Differentiate among scaling, measurement, and instrumentation.
  6. Prepare an instrument for use in a marketing research project.
  7. Compose effective items and scales for marketing research instruments.
  8. Discuss guidelines for utilizing appropriate sample sizes.
  9. Identify key sampling methods used in marketing research and describe each.
  10. Discuss the marketing research process as an information gathering process.




Essentials of marketing research (Rev: 3)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill (2013)
Author: Hair, J. F., Jr., Wolfinbarger Celsi, M., Ortinau, D. J. & Bush, R. P.
ISBN: 9780078028816
Price: $187.85

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