Founded in 2003, the mission of the CSU Alumni Association is to advance CSU through building loyalty, fellowship, and commitment among its members. CSU students and graduates gain free access to our Alumni Association to stay connected with their alma mater.

Once a Knight, Always a Knight!

Completing your degree is quite an accomplishment, but your CSU experience does not have to end there. As a graduate of CSU, there are numerous opportunities to stay connected to your alma mater, as well as other alumni. Joining the CSU Alumni Association is a great way to start your post graduate experience. Members of the association not only enjoy making connections to other alumni, but also enjoy benefits such as receiving the CSU alumni magazine and access discounts on services.

Members of the Alumni Association are also eligible to join regional alumni chapters. CSU is one of the few online universities to offer regional alumni chapters, which allow its members to closely network with one another. The opportunity to network on a personal level results in not only job and promotional prospects, but also the chance to establish lifelong friendships. The regional alumni chapters are governed by the membership and hold events throughout the year, providing the platform to network with fellow Knights and learn about volunteer opportunities in their local communities.

Alumni Association benefits include:

  • Opportunities to connect with numerous local CSU alumni through regional chapters.
  • Notice of any social or career networking alumni events and school events
  • Mailed limited edition subscription to the CSU Alumni Magazine, as well as online access
  • A subscription to our student/alumni newsletter, the CSU Communicator
  • Discounts from companies such as Avis and Dell Computers
  • Network with fellow alumni via our LinkedIn group.
  • Opportunity to become a CSU Knight Ambassador.
  • Assistance with personal research provided by the CSU library staff

If you have questions regarding the Alumni Association, please send an email to

Fun Fact:
While online universities differ with regard to establishing alumni organizations, very few offer regional alumni chapters where alumni can interact face-to-face. The Atlanta Alumni chapter is CSU's first regional chapter. Where are they forming next? Check it out!