Remote Proctor Now LogoColumbia Southern University (CSU) degree programs contain a variety of assignment types and methodologies. Comprehensive sets of questions or exercises are used to evaluate knowledge, skills, and mastery of subject matter prior to and during the final examination. Numerous courses within a degree program may require a final examination; for which, a proctored solution is required. An approved proctor is defined as a credentialed organization, center, or individual, who verifies student identity and supervises examination integrity. CSU approves two, flexible proctoring options: a standard proctor, who is chosen by the student and approved by the University, or Remote Proctor Now (RP Now), an on-demand, third-party, virtual proctor which offers students the ability to sit for their exam at any time or any place that is convenient to them.

Students who choose to use RP Now must have an operational webcam, audio capabilities, a high-speed internet connection, and appropriate system rights required to download and install software. There is a $19 fee per exam to use this service, which is paid directly to RP Now at the time the exam is taken. Please view the video overview and Frequently Asked Questions in order to gain a better understanding of how the RP Now process works. Students are also encouraged to review the Final Examination and Proctor Policy contained in the Student Handbook in order to become familiar with the policy prior to taking any final exam.

Specific questions regarding proctoring or final examinations should be directed to