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Jason Ford-Green, Ph.D.
Academic Program Director of Math & Sciences


Dr. Ford-Green has taught a diverse set of courses in mathematics and science both online and traditionally. He was trained in the area of Computational Biochemistry/Biophysics while developing acumen in Linear Algebra and Calculus to solve differential equations. He has helped develop a mathematical model of human breathing cycles, a method for determining toxicity in mammals, and trained in clinical/biomedical sciences. He has worked at the US Army Corps of Engineers, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Tougaloo College, and Jackson State University. He is experienced in writing grant applications, manuscripts, and is a reviewer for two scientific peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Ford-Green has a B.S. degree in Biology, an M.S. in Chemistry, and Ph.D. in Chemistry. He also received a post-doctoral fellowship in physiology.

Along with spending time with his wife and two children he enjoys traveling, sports, volunteering, and dancing.

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