CSU Administration

Chantell Cooley, B.S.

Senior Vice President

Chantell Cooley serves as the Senior Vice President at Columbia Southern University. Ms. Cooley’s long history in distant education began in 1989. She has been in the forefront of online education and encouraging adult learners to fulfill their goals of higher education. From 1996-2014, Ms. Cooley served as Director of Admissions, leading the way and developing a Customer Service model that is still to this day the foundation of CSU’s Exceptional Service Model. She then took this foundation of service and created the Learning Partners Department which she served as director from 2004-2010. She successfully built relationships with organizations, major businesses, and city agencies, creating a partnership to educate adult learners in an online setting, giving alternatives to traditional learning. In 2005, Ms. Cooley moved into a role of Vice President of Columbia Southern University. Her leadership skills helped lead the university during its years of expansion and growth. In January 2015, Ms. Cooley moved into the Senior Vice President position. Her vast experience has equipped her to successfully transition into her current role to oversee and be responsible for Admissions, Business Development and Military Initiatives, University Relations, Human Resources which also covers Training and Professional Development.

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