Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety & Health

Occupational Safety & Health is the science and practice of anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of health hazards arising from the work environment. It includes any aspect of health and safety in the workplace, ranging from physical injury, to biological and chemical hazards, to on-the-job-stress. The Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety & Health at Columbia Southern University provides the tools and training for professional success.

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals will recognize CSU degrees for the application process under the Associate Safety Professional certification and the Certified Safety Professional certification.

Waldorf College

Waldorf College, an affiliated institution, also offers Occupational Safety programs.
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Estimated time of completion of this program is 5 years.

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Graduates will successfully complete 120 credit hours outlined below
Credit Hours
General Studies Requirements 60
Required General Studies Courses 36
General Studies Electives 24
Major Courses 60
Major Requirements 36
Professional Electives 24
Total 120

Curriculum Details

General Studies Requirements - 60 hrs

Required General Studies 36
Course Number / Description Semester Hours
Humanities and Fine Arts 9
Select a minimum of 3 courses from this area to include  
EH 3341 - Technical Writing  
LSS 1300 - Learning Strategies for Success  
English Composition 6
EH 1010 - English Composition I  
EH 1020 - English Composition II  
Natural Sciences 6
Select 2 courses from this area  
Mathematics 3
Must be MA 1140 - Finite Math or Higher  
History 6
Select a minimum of 2 courses from this area  
Behavioral and Social Sciences 6
Select 2 courses from this area  
General Studies Electives 24
Courses can be taken from General Studies or any 2000–3000 level course offered at CSU

Major Courses - 60 hrs
36 hours must be at the 3000-4000 level

Major Requirements 36
Major Requirements - Group A (Required Courses) 30
BOS 3001 - Fundamentals of OSH 3
BOS 3525 - Legal Aspects of Safety and Health 3
BOS 3401 - Construction Safety 3
BOS 3701 - Industrial Ergonomics 3
BOS 3640 - Interactions of Hazardous Materials 3
BFS 3345 - Introduction to Fire Prevention 3
BOS 3651 - Total Environmental, Health & Safety Management 3
BOS 4025 - OSHA Standards 3
BOS 4301 - Industrial Hygiene 3
BOS 4201 - Toxicology 3
Major Requirements - Group B
(Select 2 courses below or any two 3000 to 4000 BFS, BEM or BOS Courses)
BOS 3125 - Hazardous Materials Management 3
BOS 3301 - Fleet Safety 3
BOS 3751 - Training and Development 3
BOS 4601 - Accident Investigation 3
BOS 4520 - Risk Management 3
BOS 4010 - Safety Supervisor 3
Professional Electives 24
Courses can be taken from the Fire Science Concentration or any professional program area offered at CSU. Any course previously not taken can be utilized to satisfy this elective.
Total 120 Semester Hours

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