Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management

Leading organizations are placing more emphasis on human capital development and the leadership initiatives produced by human resource management teams to deliver, develop, and retain employees as the most crucial and competitive factor in business today.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management prepares students for positions in human resource department leadership, to establish and advance organizational policies and guidelines, and to utilize the tools and techniques for developing transformational work environments. The BS in Human Resource Management program prepares graduates to become influential business leaders equipped with the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex human resource and management issues.

Columbia Southern University undergraduate degrees in HRM align with SHRM's HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates.

Estimated time of completion of this program is 5 years.

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Graduates will successfully complete 120 credit hours outlined below
Credit Hours
General Studies Requirements 60
Required General Studies Courses 36
General Studies Electives 24
Major Courses 60
Major Requirements 36
Professional Electives 24
Total 120

Curriculum Details

General Studies Requirements - 60 hrs

Required General Studies 36
Humanities & Fine Arts 9
Select a minimum of 3 courses from this area to include  
LSS 1300 - Learning Strategies for Success  
Written Composition 6
EH 1010 - English Composition I  
EH 1020 - English Composition II  
Natural Sciences 3
Select a minimum of 1 course from this area.  
Mathematics 3
Select a minimum of 1 course from this area.  
Social, and Behavioral Sciences 9
Select a minimum of 3 courses from this area to include:  
BBA 2401 - Macroeconomics  
BBA 2501 - Microeconomics  
History 6
Select a minimum of 2 courses from this area to include:  
General Studies Electives 24
Courses can be taken from General Studies or any 2000–3000 level course offered at CSU

Major Courses - 60 hrs

Major Requirements 36
Major Requirements - Group A (Required Courses) 30
BHR 3565 - Employment Law  3
BBA 2026 - Organizational Communications  3
BBA 3602 - Principles of Management  3
BHR 3352 - Human Resource Management  3
BBA 2551 - Intercultural Management  3
BBA 3551 - Information Systems Management  3
BHR 3301 - Compensation and Benefits  3
BBA 3651 - Leadership  3
BHR 4350 - Collective Bargaining  3
BHR 4680 - Training and Development  3
Major Requirements - Group B 6
Select 2 Courses below or any 3000-4000 level HR or business course  
BHR 3551 - Human Relations and Development  3
BHR 4501 - International Human Resource Management  3
BHR 4601 - Staffing Organizations  3
BBA 4951 - Business Policy and Strategy  3
Major Electives 24
Any course not previously selected can be used to satisfy this requirement at the 3000/4000 level.
Total 120 Semester Hours

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