Associate of Applied Science in Occupational Safety & Health

online safety degreeThe Associate of Applied Science in Occupational Safety & Health is intended to ensure that students acquire the intellectual knowledge and technical skills that will enable them to advance in this field through organizational advancement and professional certification. This degree fulfills the needs of both entry-level safety personnel who wish to gain professional stature and experienced safety professionals who lack an advanced degree required to seek professional certification.

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals will recognize the CSU AAS in Occupational Safety and Health for the application process under the Associate Safety Professional certification and the Certified Safety Professional certification.

Estimated time of completion of this program is 3 years.

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Graduates will successfully complete 60 semester hours outlined below
Semester Hours
General Studies Requirements 21
Required Technical Courses 18
Electives 21
Total 60
Required General Studies 21
Course Number / Description Semester Hours
Humanities / Fine Arts / Communications 6
Select a minimum of 2 courses from this area to include  
LSS 1300 - Learning Strategies for Success  
History / Behavioral and Social Sciences 3
Select 1 course from this area  
Natural Sciences / Mathematics and Computer Science 9
Select 3 courses from this area to include a minimum of
3 credit hours in Mathematics
English Composition 3
Select 1 course from this area  
Required Technical Courses (Select 6 courses below) 18
BOS 3001 Fundamentals of OSH 3
BOS 3125 Hazardous Mat Mgmt 3
BFS 3345 Intro to Fire Prevention 3
BOS 3401 Construction Safety 3
BOS 3525 Legal Aspects 3
BOS 3640 Interactions of Hazardous Materials 3
Electives 21

To meet the required electives, students may complete any of the CSU General Studies, occupational safety and health, fire science or environmental management undergraduate 2000 and 3000 level courses that are not used to meet other requirements of their program. The following courses are available:

BOS 3701 Industrial Ergonomics 3
BOS 3651 Total Environmental, Health & Safety Management 3
BFS 3601 Fire Prevention Organization and Management 3
BFS 3501 Advanced Fire Administration 3
BFS 3820 The Community and the Fire Threat 3
BFS 3480 Fire Department Safety Officer 3
BFS 3430 Principles of Fire Behavior 3
BEM 3101 Environmental Science 3
BEM 3001 Environmental Law 3
BEM 3601 Waste Management 3
BEM 3501 Air Quality 3
BEM 3701 Hazardous Waste Management 3
BEM 3201 Environmental Assessments 3
 Total 60 Semester Hours

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